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Networking & Surveillance

Networking & Surveillance


The network is the foundation for communications infrastructure essential for business success. RG Technology Solutions design, build and support IP-based networks in various industries that optimize communication, connectivity, bandwidth, and security through a single core infrastructure. The high quality networks that we build are designed to fully support your company’s voice, data and converged applications. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data.

We first listen to our clients and understand their specific business challenges and then design network solutions that effectively and efficiently solve their problems. We build networks that help our clients reduce costs, simplify business processes, increase the quality of their own customer interactions, and boost revenues.



Surveillance System

The purpose of a video security system is to make you safe and feel safe. Period. That includes your person, your business, your property, your budget. It’s not about pixels or data rates or security cameras and software. It’s about how all those things, working together, add up to your safety net.

Others make cameras. We make people safe. And safe is a wonderful feeling.

We integrate the latest technologies to provide customized packages that suit all your business security needs. The presence of video cameras can deter potential criminals, prevent employee theft and help ensure that your employees, assets and properties are protected 24/7.

Whether you need one video surveillance system or multiple systems, in one or in multiple locations, we provide effective and affordable high-quality service to satisfy



RG Technology Solutions provides small businesses, hotels and resorts, stores, and other types of businesses with user-friendly and reliable high-speed customer Wi-Fi Internet. With low up-front costs, no hidden costs, and no multi-year contracts, many business owners in U.S. have trusted RG Technology Solutions’ service. Our modular system enables us to install discreet access points closer to your customers with no new wires and 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire building. We guarantee fast and strong signals in every feet of your business.