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Computer Networking

Computer Networking

At RG Technology Solutions, Customer satisfaction is our priority number one.

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The network is the foundation for communications infrastructure essential for company success. RG Technology Solutions design, build and support IP-based networks in various industries that optimize communication, connectivity, bandwidth, and security through a single core infrastructure. The high quality networks that we build are designed to fully support your company’s voice, data and converged applications. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data.

We first listen to our clients and understand their specific business challenges and then design network solutions that effectively and efficiently solve their problems. We build networks that help our clients reduce costs, simplify business processes, increase the quality of their own customer interactions, and boost revenues.



Cabling Services

We offer planning, implementation, testing and maintenance cable services that will satisfy all your business needs and requirements. Our team of professional technicians perform high quality cable installations.
RG Technology Solutions deliver complete solutions or add customized cable runs to existing installations. We offer a range of warranties depending on the type of contract, a standard 12/24 month manufacturers’ guarantee. Fully managed contracts have a fully warranted system with a several-year guarantee.

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Local Area Networks

Our local area network services deliver the peace of mind that you local area network (LAN) is secure, reliable and maintained without the need for specialist internal IT knowledge or resources. The services, which cover the full range of LAN administration, configuration, management, support, monitoring, and maintenance activities, can be delivered on site or remotely. We believe that it is important that all the devices that make up the network are secure from unauthorized access; we therefore apply industry standard security practices to fully secure your network.

Before taking on the support of your LAN, we carry out a full LAN audit to ensure supportability and to provide any recommendations for improvements.

We can also provide a remote monitoring service: every network device is constantly monitored to ensure service availability and efficiency levels are maintained.



Wide Area Networks

Our wide area network services include a management service of your wide area network (WAN). This service includes monitoring, liaison with the third party WAN provider, patch cable management, change management, security monitoring and reporting, router and switch back up management, and remote access support.

Networking Service Savannah



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Wireless Networks

Our wireless network experts design and build user-friendly, secure, reliable, and well-maintained network infrastructure that our clients can operate without professional IT knowledge or resources. RG Technology Solutions deliver services remotely, but we send our technicians on-site when needed. Our services cover a full range of remote controller and access point configuration, management, support, monitoring, and maintenance activities to help your business succeed.