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Wi – Fi

Wi – Fi

Build, guide and expand your customers’ online community through Wi-Fi




RG Technology Solutions provides small businesses, hotels and resorts, stores, and other types of businesses with user-friendly and reliable high-speed customer Wi-Fi Internet. With low up-front costs, no hidden costs, and no multi-year contracts, many business owners in U.S. have trusted RG Technology Solutions’ service. Our modular system enables us to install discreet access points closer to your customers with no new wires and 100% Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire building. We guarantee fast and strong signals in every feet of your business.



Cloud Managed and Secure Wi-Fi

RG Technology Solutions guest Wi-Fi networks are 100% cloud managed, resulting in reliability, security, efficient management, less downtime, fewer resets, and lower costs to our clients. Our networks are secured with SMS 2-Factor authentication and various content and web filtering systems that meet the legal requirements for operating public Wi-Fi networks in the U.S.

Live Network Monitoring

With RG Technology Solutions Dashboard cloud-based monitoring and management software, you can view your own business network activity and performance from any place, including your office, home, or smartphone. If you experience a problem with your network, we will get a notice immediately and we will begin fixing it before your clients ever notice an interruption.





24/7 Dedicated Live Technical Support

 With RG Technology Solutions, you will always get 24/7 live, toll-free guest support from real RGT Solutions employees in seconds rather than hear pre-recorded standard messages and wait for hours. Once you become our customer, we will provide a phone number for guests and staff to call for technical support, network assistance and status checks. Your will receive help any time, day or night.

More Services For Your Money

RG Technology Solutions charges a low monthly fee for a bundle of services that includes wireless equipment, monitoring, service calls, full replacement warranty, and other services. You and your customers will enjoy high-performance guest Wi-Fi networks at a budget-friendly price.

Low Cost, No Long-Term Contracts

With Wi-Fi technologies changing every two to three years, our team of technical experts will help you offer the best services to your own customers. RG Technology Solutions will upgrade your wireless network with the latest technology for the duration of our business together. Unlike other providers, we will not lock you into any long-term contracts. We guarantee you 100% satisfaction with our services and fees.


The network is the foundation for communications infrastructure essential for business success. RG Technology Solutions design, build and support IP-based networks in various industries that optimize communication, connectivity, bandwidth, and security through a single core infrastructure. The high quality networks that we build are designed to fully support your company’s voice, data and converged applications. We guarantee complete confidentiality of your data.

We first listen to our clients and understand their specific business challenges and then design network solutions that effectively and efficiently solve their problems. We build networks that help our clients reduce costs, simplify business processes, increase the quality of their own customer interactions, and boost revenues.

Cabling Services

We offer planning, implementation, testing and maintenance cable services that will satisfy all your business needs and requirements. Our team of professional technicians performs high quality cable installations.

RG Technology Solutions deliver complete solutions and can add customized cable runs to existing installations. We offer a range of warranties depending on the type of contract, a standard 12/24-months manufacturers’ guarantee. Fully managed contracts have a fully warranted system with a several-year guarantee.

Local Area Networks

Our local area network services deliver the peace of mind that your local area network (LAN) is secure, reliable and maintained without the need for specialist internal IT knowledge or resources. The services, which cover the full range of LAN administration, configuration, management, support, monitoring, and maintenance activities, can be delivered on site or remotely. We believe it is important that all the devices that make up your network are secure from unauthorized access. We fully secure your network by rigorously implementing industry standard security practices.

We carry out a full LAN audit to ensure supportability and to provide any recommendations for improvements before taking on the support of your LAN systems.

We can also provide a remote monitoring service: Every network device is constantly monitored to ensure that service availability and efficiency levels are maintained well.

Wide Area Networks

Our wide area network (WAN) services include a management service of your wide area network. This service includes monitoring, liaison with the third party WAN provider, patch cable management, change management, security monitoring and reporting, router and switch back up management, and remote access support.

Wireless Networks

Our wireless network experts design and build user-friendly, secure, reliable, and well-maintained network infrastructure that our clients can operate without professional IT knowledge or resources. RG Technology Solutions deliver services remotely, but we can also send our technicians on-site when needed. Our services cover a full range of remote controller and access point configuration, management, support, monitoring, and maintenance activities to help your business succeed.