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Support & maintenance

Support & maintenance



Support & maintenance

Most software applications should be continually maintained in order for them to continually function smoothly. Regular monitoring to detect any bugs and provide fixes is crucial.

When support management systems are not put into place, there is a great risk that your system will fail or will not function as intended during extended uses. We offer a range of support options suited to your needs and catered to your business’ future development.

We have the ability to create a support system for your applications whether we or another software company originally developed them. Our in-house team members are experts in many technologies including .NET, C#, VB.NET, PHP, SQL, Java, Html5, Javascript and WPF.

We have developed a standard process for handling all sorts of maintenance requests ensuring that you receive a quick response and be updated on the progress.




Support and maintenance options

Every system needs constant support and maintenance. Our team of highly qualified staff members are skilled in software management to keep your systems operating at optimal performance so that you can achieve the results you seek.

We offer a variety of maintenance options to suit the needs of any business. Our two most popular models include a service-level agreement (SLA) maintenance and Pay-as-You-Go maintenance. Take a look at the differences outlined below to choose which option would be best for you.

SLA maintenance

SLA maintenance is based on a retainer model. For a fixed monthly fee, you would be assigned to your own personal developer who would be available to a specific number of hours reserved just for you and no other client. This enables us to respond to your support requests swiftly and with a guaranteed response time.

SLA is a great back up plan to ensure your system always has a designated developer assigned to any issues or questions concerning your system.

Pay-As-You-Go maintenance

RG Technology Solutions also offers a la carte maintenance services, which are paid for on a case by case basis determined by the work needed for your systems. You can simply send your support request and pay for that on a pay-as-you-go model.

The benefit of pay-as-you-go maintenance in comparison to SLA maintenance is that it gives you more control on how to spend your support hours. This can help you save money as you only pay for the service hours actually used, without a fixed monthly cost.